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Getting a personal loan can be a time consuming and tedious (and often frustrating) experience. Not only is it hard to get a personal loan (banks want the security of some kind possibly including your home) but there is the long wait for an answer if you were approved, mounds of paperwork and you rarely get what you really need.

Thankfully, there is a better, faster solution!

Today, you can request a loan online for a payday advance from your phone, tablet or personal computer in the comfort of your home or apartment. Payday advance loans now require much less paperwork (your request still requires some detailed info).

And the interest rates on your loan may be reasonable depending on your history and current employment status and other factors. Personal cash advance loans can be in two forms:  installment loans and personal payday loans.

Installment loans typically are larger in size ($1,000 or more) and require higher credit scores. Payday loans are usually under $1,000 and allow for poorer credit scores.

As a result, most personal loans are online payday loans. Most people have an emergency need, need a bad credit payday loan, and are willing and able to pay it back when they get their next paycheck. Caution: never plan to “rollover” short-term loans, the additional fees can make the loan very expensive.

All credible lenders will explain, in advance, what you need to know. They will ask you if you understand their terms and if you have any questions. They will never ask for any money from you in advance! Anyone asking for money to start your loan is a fraud and must be avoided. Most of these types of operations "pretend" to be a real business in the Florida. and use legitimate business names they have stolen from the internet. But, they are offshore thieves trying to cheat consumers out of their money.

At LendingCapital loan we connect you to a lender who:

  • Wants to lend to you
  • Has the funds to lend to you - NOW
  • Has fast processing so, once approved, you get your money quickly

We only work with quality lenders but we cannot guarantee a loan to any one person... there are many variables in qualifying for personal loans. We do our best to get as many customers approved as we can by having a large group of quality lenders. We are proud that almost 80% of all people requesting a loan are approved by a lender. 

Getting a personal loan when you have other payday loans still due can cause problems and is one of the most common disqualifying factors.

Not sure? Put in your loan request. It only takes a few minutes. If you are rejected today you could be approved tomorrow. Not all lenders lend every day and many change their lending criteria so entering a new loan request a week or two later, even if your first app was rejected, is a smart move.

Getting a personal loan is much easier and faster than ever before.

Start your loan request now!

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